katharina jung

born 1993 in Germany,

lives and works wherever her heart is.

since 2014, she has embraced a nomadic lifestyle-

traveling and dedicating her life to photography and art.

"The body is one with nature. It is emerging from it, evolving with it, it becomes nature. In the lyrical photographs by the German artist Katharina Jung the inspiration lies within life itself. Rather than questioning the unknown or mysterious, she fully embraces it in the hunt for serenity, calm, and ultimately inner peace."

- Dr. Lisi Linster

(Portrait by Zachary Lee Witt)


2014 - DDA Factory, Cagliari, Italy

2014 - Flickr: 20 Under 20, Milk Studios, New York

2015 - Kunstpreis Robert Schuman, Stadtmuseum Simeonstift, Trier, Germany

2017 - FIOF Fondo Internazionale per la Fotografia, Orvieto, Italy

2017 - Kunstdorf Unterjesingen, Tübingen, Germany

2018 - International Photo Expo Ethereal, Paris

2022 - "THIRTIES", Kunsthalle Trier x Europäische Rechtsakademie Trier, Germany

Selected Interviews & Press

2014 - worbz.

2014 - blog flickr 20under20 Spotlight: Katharina Jung

2014 - kwerfeldein Von der Idee zum Bild

2014 - Wiener Zeitung

2014 - lokalo 

2014 - fubiz

2014 - lamonomagazine dramatismo y fantasía

2015 - ignant The Daydreams and Fairytales of Katharina Jung

2015 - bleaq Moody conceptual portraits by Katharina Jung

2015 - ignant New Zealand – The Freedom of the Open Road

2017 - kwerfeldein Ein Abenteuer in Neuseeland

2018 - Digital Photoshop print edition 01/18

2020- FotoNostrum Magazine A Dreamy Journey of Self Exploration

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